Historical Main Street Walking Tour

9 Stops

Thank you for downloading the Experience Historic Garland tour app and Welcome to Garland's historic Main Street. Walk with us up and down Main Street and learn about how Garland became one of the only Texas cities to have a public square without a courthouse, where the "big well" is, which business is the longest in operation today, where the old opera hall is and much more! Just how many names has Main Street had over the years? Join us on the Historical Main Street Walking Tour and find out.

Now you can see and listen to the history of Garland from the comfort of your home or on site in the downtown area. If you do come venture out to take one of the tours the stops you are close to will open automatically open and play the audio as you get within 250 feet of them. To turn on the Location alerts and experience a hands-free tour you MUST press 'Always Allow' for the app to track your location. If you did not press 'Always Allow' then the GPS triggers will not function. You can go to your Settings to select or unselect that at any time.

Check back, there are more tours to come, Enjoy!

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